July 24, 2018

Daily Links: Tuesday, June 24th

A slow Tuesday. But if you're fixing for some interesting watches and reads, I've gotcha:

- It looks like Carlos Correa is going to be out for a while. Here's A.J. Hinch talking about it Saturday

- Meanwhile, another AL contender is zeroing in on a quality reliever. Jeff Luhnow's got to be a bit more proactive, right?

- If Bill O'Brien had handled his QB situation like THIS last offseason, he'd have less detractors

- Am I the only person that feels for Case Keenum? He played well last year, but Denver smells like a no win situation for him

- And this is just an awesome read about a Houston area boxing coach that faked his own death

And don't forget to check out today's Mad Radio podcast. Here's what Mike, Seth, & I got into today:

- I watched #TheBachelorette & recapped it
- Texans takes, including Kevin Johnson's play & a new Clowney deal
- Seth discussed his oral surgery, plus the drugs he's taking for it
- Mike brought weird audio to #TrainwreckTuesday

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