July 30, 2018

Daily Links: Monday, July 30th

Happy Monday! The good news: Ken Giles is gone! The bad news...they traded him for a guy who was suspended 75 games for domestic violence. Sad!

- Roberto Osuna - who the Astro acquired via trade - was arrested by Toronto police on May 7th for allegedly assaulting a woman. He had pretty good stats on the season - 15 appearances with a 2.93 ERA and 9 saves - and became the youngest player in history to reach 100 career saves.

- Major League Baseball responded by placing him on administrative leave, and eventually suspended him for 75 games. He did not appeal this suspension.

- Per the Toronto Star, he must remain 100 meters away from a specific Toronto building, can't communicate with the victim, and may not possess weapons or consume alcohol.

- There aren't many more details on Osuna other than those. This link about Canadian privacy laws might explain why


And don't forget to check out today's Mad Radio podcast. Here's what Mike, Seth, & I got into today:

- After learning that Mike Vrabel made J.J. Watt J.J. Watt, we told Mike Vrabel tall tales
- Is DeAndre Hopkins the best WR in the NFL? I think Antonio Brown is better
- Plus, Duane Brown got a deal while Clowney probably won't

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