July 13, 2018

Daily Links: Friday, July 13th

Oh shit. It's Friday the 13th. Apparently that's bad.

Happy weekend. Here are some links that I found interesting:

- Apparently there's a "kryptonite" for Houston hurricanes

- I might need to buy an XBOX 360. The NCAA Football Franchise is still sort of alive!

- This lady is a GREAT storyteller

- Gotta respect this reporter maintaining concentration!

- Future wives, watch it with the slander of the God Tom Brady.

And don't forget to check out today's Mad Radio podcast. Here's what Mike, Seth, & I got into today:

- Mike & Seth talked about their day at the ballpark Thursday, and I was positive for a whole segment
- Kevin Millar talked about the Astros bullpen and Home Run Derby myths
- Plus, Marc Vandermeer stopped by for an hour

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