July 5, 2017

The Triple Threat: On A Wednesday

I'll be subbing in for The Triple Threat - Sean Pendergast, Ted Johnson, and Rich Lord - with Brett Dolan from 2 - 6 on SportsRadio 610

- The Astros are really good. Should they be aggressive or play it safe at the Trade Deadline?
- Did NBA Free Agency affect the power structure of the NBA in any way?
- Plus, there's a lot of 4th of July traditions that I don't get
- Damn Straight Advice with Laura Reynolds at 2:45, Mike Stanton of Root Sports at 3, and All Due Respect at 3:30

Listen live to it all on SportsRadio610.com. And if you want to jump aboard...

- Dial/Text in at 713-572-4610
- Comment underneath this post
- Or tweet me @GallantSays or Brett @BrettDolan24

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