September 5, 2016

Subscribe to Gallant at Night! And about our football season schedule...

Things are changing a bit. Since it's football season, Gallant at Night gets pre-empted for Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, and Texans Radio. As such, you'll hear my show Tuesdays 9-11 PM CT, Wednesdays 8-11 PM CT, and Fridays 8-11 PM CT.

What we're planning to do in the meantime? Starting Thursday, Josh Beard and I will do a podcast the days that we're off. And you can get it by subscribing to the podcast.

You can listen and subscribe on both iTunes and Play.It by clicking either of those two links. While you're at it, review it, leave a comment, and recommend it to a friend!

As always, thanks for the support. I'll be back at it tomorrow night at 9 PM CT.

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