August 31, 2016

Gallant at Night: On An Ask Me Anything Wednesday

No show tomorrow because of the Texans game. I'll also be doing MaD Radio with Mike Meltser 6-10 Monday morning. After that? Things change a bit. Due to Texans Radio and Monday/Thursday night football, I'll be on Tuesday nights from 9-11 CT, and Wednesday and Fridays 8-11 CT.

7-11 CT Tonight on Houston's most interactive sports talk show:

- So the 4th preseason game is crap. How are we going to make this entertaining?
- The Astros pulled off some Angels in the Outfield bleep today. Can they do it over the next 3 weeks?
- And it's an Ask Me Anything Wednesday. So you can ask me literally any question. Sports. Non Sports. Bring it.

Listen live to it all on And if you want to jump aboard...

- Dial 713-572-4610
- Text in at 6-10-2-6
- Comment underneath this post
- Or tweet me @GallantSays

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