September 2, 2015

B-Straw and Pauly G: On A Wednesday

Tonight's show, 7-11 CT:

- We found out Ryan Mallett's excuse for missing practice last week on Hard Knocks. It wasn't a great one.
- Dwight Howard probably had a BETTER reason for today's screw up
- And RG3 won't go quietly into the night

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Note: Tonight's show marks the last time we'll be on in the 7 PM hour all year. We're off tomorrow night for the Texans game and on vacation Friday.

When the NFL season kicks off next week, we'll be on at the following times the rest of the year:

- Tuesdays, 9-11 CT
- Wednesdays, 8-11 CT
- Fridays, 8-11 CT

No Monday or Thursday night shows because of Monday and Thursday night football.

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