June 13, 2014

B-Straw and Pauly G: On A Manfest Friday

Brien and I wrap up your week LIVE at Stampede Houston (11925 Eastex Freeway) from 7-11 CT tonight. Jadeveon Clowney is hurt, Derek Newton is your starting right tackle, and Bill O'Brien never even considered drafting Johnny Manziel. PLUS, Carmelo is opting out, and Lebron is getting his head kicked in. Daryl Morey wants a third star. Do the Rockets have a shot at either of the two, and with the way the EXTREMELY deep Spurs are playing, would acquiring that third star mean an NBA title? AND, we'll be joined by Shiloh Keo, Lita, Mario Ellie, and Wade Phillips. #GetchoPopcornReaday and listen live at SportsRadio610.com, or come join us for some hot takes, hot chicks, and cold beer. GET IT ON.

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