April 15, 2013

A Really Shitty Day

My home got attacked. Our home got attacked. I don't really know how to react...and I imagine most of you don't either. Shock. Grief. Anger.

But not despair. What makes this country great? That we never back down...even when cowards attack us when we least expect it. And that we never...ever give up.

We rise to the occasion. We help our brothers and sisters. We do amazing things for complete strangers because its the right thing to do.

And life goes on...even though we never forgive or forget. That's the harsh reality of this fucked up world.

And we have to move on. Because the moment we become scared of danger around every corner is the moment those cowardly cunts win. Hug your family. Hug your kids. And enjoy every precious minute you've got on this planet.

I love you Boston. And I love the USA. Thoughts and prayers to everyone tonight.

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