October 10, 2011

Houston...you no longer have any problems.

It's a tough time to be a Houston sports fan.

The Astros haven't been relevant since Andy Petitte and Roger Clemens were sticking needles in each others asses.* The Rockets? They're locked out...and that's probably a good thing. The UH Cougars are taking advantage of a great 6-0 start...by begging to join the Big East...AKA the most pathetic conference in collegiate sports. And when the Texans aren't busy choking away fourth quarter leads, their best players (Andre Johnson and Mario Williams) are blowing tires.

But fear not Houstonites. While absolutely none of that will change in the immediate future, you can get rowdy for significantly more important reasons. That's because Paul Gallant will be taking his talents to Houston, joining 610 Sports Radio in 2 weeks. BOOM.

World changing news indeed. Speaking of change, its time I inform our insanely loyal fan base that in two weeks, PaulGallant.net will begin covering Houston sports exclusively. More details on how that will go once I'm situated in town.

In the meantime? PaulGallant.net will give you a special farewell with its next few posts. You won't want to miss 'em.

*'Roid needles...you perverts.

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