June 8, 2011

Who put Goldberg in Net?

Well that strategy backfired. I know Vancouver figured the series was over after two backbreaking last minute wins. But putting Greg Goldberg in net to let Roberto Luongo rest for next season may have been the worst decision Canuck coach Alain Vigneault has ever, EVER made.

Come on bro. Goldberg is arguably the worst athlete in any sports movie. Ever. I can't even think of anyone in his wheelhouse. He gets benched...for a girl...in high school...in a Disney movie. That's pretty harsh.

Just a bad move by Vigneault. Decisions like this separate middle of the road coaches like Vigneault with winners like the great Jack Reilly. Now? You've got a 2-2 series and absolutely no momentum.

Oh wait...THAT WAS LUONGO?? Perennial All-Star? Goalie for Canada's gold medal team? Holy Hans. Dude kinda sucks. Guess the Canucks are kind of Caf@cked.

P.S.: How the hell did we lose to this guy in last year's Olympics? He couldn't stop a BEACH BALL.

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