June 15, 2011

Way to be ballsy bro...

Monday night, after the Bruins scored four goals in nine minutes and rolled to a Game 6 win, Sedin said: "We lose as a team and win as a team and we're going to win Game 7," according to the Vancouver Sun.

Wednesday, he clarified that statement, explaining that the Canucks' success all season, particularly at home, gives him confidence they'll be the team skating victory laps around Rogers Arena with the Stanley Cup on Wednesday night.

"You know, that was probably me being excited and the words came wrong out of my mouth. What I said was if we put our best game on the ice, I like our chances. That's the way it's been all year," Sedin said. "When we play our best, we're a tough team to beat. We show that at home. We like our chances."

This sums up everything you need to know about the Vancouver Canucks. They bite. They flop. And they're too scared of to stick to their guarantee of winning the Stanley Cup. Just an embarrassment of an organization.

PS - Just thinking about the Canucks makes me respect the New York Jets. Seriously.
PPS - Think about the above statement.

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