June 8, 2011

Relevance at last!

Today I went to Barnes and Nobles to pick up my annual Phil Steele college football preview magazine. In case you've never heard, its basically the greatest college football magazine. Ever. Every year.

But when I got to the sports magazine section, what did I see? Syracuse QB Ryan Nassib on the cover. Boom shaka laka.

Now I'm not sure Nassib is exactly deserving of a cover pic (give my man Antwon Bailey some love). He was pretty mediocre all season. Sure he kicked ass in the Pinstripe Bowl, but Kansas St. couldn't stop an offense made of Kenny Kawaguchis. And that was before the field turned into quicksand (gave the offenses in that game a huge edge). He looked good, and will improve as the season progresses, but don't be fooled by one game.

I'm more pumped about this. Last year SU football was pretty much crapped on in every single preview magazine. This year? We got a dude on the cover. One large step for Orange-kind. Great to be back on the scene.

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