June 15, 2011

One game for the Cup

The NHL and hockey may be an afterthought for most in the US. But there is nothing quite as exciting as a winner take all game seven in the Stanley Cup Finals. And tonight, with the Bruins and Canucks battling in Vancouver, will be no different. My blunt keys to the game after the jump.


Time to be ballsy Canucks. That means a few things:

First off, you have to stop with the diving and flopping. Its game seven, and judging by all the embellishment penalties we've seen Vancouver get, the refs have wised up. Plus, this is hockey. Not a soccer match between France and Italy. Have some freaking pride and stop playing like cowards.

Speaking of cowardice, what the hell was up with this?

There definitely should have been a penalty on the Bruins. But I don't care about that. My only question is this. Why there was no response? Just a clear sign that the Canucks are intimidated by Boston's physical play. If Vancouver wants to win, they have to mix things up. They need to be physical and aggressive all game long and beat the Bruins at their own game.

Bottom line is this. The Canucks have talked the talk. Whether Luongo calling out Tim Thomas (despite giving up 200,000 goals in Boston) or Daniel Sedin guaranteeing (then retracting his guarantee) a victory, Vancouver has strutted around during the finals like the Cup has their names on it already. But let's be real. The series may be tied, but the Canucks have far from walked the walk. They were completely destroyed EVERY GAME in Boston, and just barely scraped by with three close ones in Vancouver. They've only held the lead for 32:32 of the entire finals...that's just 9%. If the Canucks think the status quo is going to win them the cup tonight...they're wrong.

That's why I think Vancouver should get drastic...and bench Luongo. Sure he has pedigree...gold medal, all star games, he's been great at home, blah blah blah. But he's a headcase. And he's been terrible in three of the last four hands. I say give backup Cory Schneider the start. The Bruins know how to beat Luongo. Having a goalie like Schneider in net, who has filled in pretty well for Roberto, might keep the red light from being lit up like the fourth of July tonight. I doubt they'll have the balls to pull it off.


Talk about Jekyll and Hyde. The Bruins in Boston and Bruins in Vancouver couldn't be more different.

In the three Beantown beatdowns, Boston was aggressive, physical, and intimidating. That physical play translated to the offensive attack and showed up on the scoreboard. 17-3. Yikes.

In Vancouver, the Bruins played passive. The aggression seen in Boston wasn't there. Despite that, they hung with the Canucks until late in each game, largely due to Tim Thomas, Tim Thomas, and more Tim Thomas. But there was no offense. Few goals. And three losses.

I find it hard to believe that the Bruins won't give anything less than all out in game seven. It may be in Vancouver. But from what I've seen in this series, Boston, despite not being as skilled, is the better team.

Bruins win 2-1. 40 saves from Thomas. Marchand the game winner midway through the third.

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