June 10, 2011

Must suck to be a New York Fan fan huh...

Been a rough year for New York fans. And no, I'm not talking about the legitimate loyalists of New York (Jets, Mets). I'm dropping bombs on the "winners" side.

First there was the Giant collapse against Philly (MATT DODGE BABY). The Rangers continued their streak of being terrible forever with a first round playoff exit (after lucking themselves in). The Knicks got swept by the Celtics (regular season), then got swept by the Celtics (playoffs). And now? The Yankees just got shelled by the Bosox, making them 1-8 against their arch-rival this year. In fact, during the series they seemed more concerned with drilling Big Papi (mission accomplished), than being drilled BY Big Papi (dude mashed all series).

But the worst part for Yankee fans? While Bronx Bomber nation is freaking about about a terrible series, I'd say that 50% of Sawx fans were completely oblivious/totally cared less about the sweep. The Bruins and the Cup are on the mind. It's championship season. I guess that's what happens when you've got legitimate sport teams who can play INTO the Summer, not just during it.

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