June 30, 2011

The End of Baseball Blurbs...because baseball is boring

Well this didn't last long.

I started doing baseball blurbs last week. I thought they'd be fun. I thought I could make it entertaining. Sadly, I forgot that keeping up with Major League Baseball makes you feel terrible deep down inside, kind of like The Sports Show with Norm McDonald.

I've been realizing more and more that baseball is my least favorite sport. Even hockey and soccer get the nod. Golf. Tennis. Screw it...women's sports.

Bottom line: I'm not a big fan of four hours of pauses intertwined with players grabbing their balls. Especially when you multiply that by 162, only to find out the three teams (Yankees, Phillies, and even my Sawx) that spend more money than god will end up winning the title.

You want an entertaining game? Let the players juice up. Otherwise, the only way I'd watch this game night to night is if I was on drugs too.

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