June 24, 2011

Baseball Blurbs: 6-24

Its not often you see a below .500 manager quit the day after his team jumps above .500. Only in America. Here are your Friday blurbs.

Washington 1 Seattle 0

Nationals finally over .500...Naturally manager quits

They've won 11 of 12. They're finally over .500 late in the season for the first time since 2005. But immediately after the game, Washington players found out from GM Mike Rizzo that manager Jim Riggleman had resigned. Talk about WTF. Apparently the Nationals were not going to pick up Riggleman's option for next year. He felt "too old to be disrespected".

But come on bro. You're a career .445 manager. Earn your paycheck with an above .500 season. Pretty sure you're not going to get a head managing job anytime soon.

NY Mets 4 Oakland 1

Oakland's lineup is a joke

When Chris Capuano is shutting you down, you know you've got issues. The A's, as good as their pitching can be, simply have a terrible lineup. Weeks, Pennington, Crisp, Jackson, (Scott) Sizemore, Ellis, DeJesus, Powell...that's just straight up boring. Crisp is your three guy? Mark Ellis is still alive? Hideki Matsui is your only recognizable player? Yikes. They need Josh Willingham's bat back from off the DL. And when your desperate to put JWills back in the lineup (10 HR but .231 avg.), you've got serious problems.

Arizona 5 Kansas City 3

How bout this Daniel Hudson Kid?

Hudson's looking pretty good in his first full season in the majors...the 24 year old has a D'back leading 9 wins and a 3.58 ERA after holding the Royals to 3 runs over 7 IP. Then again,

San Francisco 2 Minnesota 1

Lincecum figuring things out

He's 6-6, but Lincecum mowed down Minny with 12 Ks and just 3 hits allowed in 7 shutout innings. I expect that to be the norm the rest of the way as Timmay makes up for a slow start. NEXT

St. Louis 12 Philadelphia 2

THERE'S some run support for Chris Carpenter

The Cardinals' Carpenter entered the game with the 11th-lowest run support among NL starters at 3.38 runs per game. Safe to say that changed. Dude got his second win of the year after the Red Birds ransacked the Phillies, who lost Roy Oswalt to back spasms early after two innings.

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