June 20, 2011

Baseball Blurbs: 6-20

Basketball is over. Hockey is over. So with jack diddly squat to talk about over the next few months, I’m introducing a new daily feature to the site: Baseball blurbs. I’ll hit you with some random tidbits from all the games the night before, and give you my two cents (worth 200$ to you) on each.

Cleveland 5 Pittsburgh 2 (11)

Asdarubal Cabrera is a boss

Sick name. Sweeter web gems. Cabrera made an incredible barehanded stop at the 6 hole in the top of the 10th.

The Pirates were over .500 before this series

I’ve barely been paying attention to baseball with the NBA/NHL playoffs. By some act of god, Pittsburgh is 35-36. Glad to see reality checked in for a three game Cleveland sweep.

Boston 12 Milwaukee 3

Red Sox continue to kick ass

The BoSox are just murdering mo fos right now. 12 of 13. 600 runs per game. But that’s crap. This team has failed to live up to expectations. They aren’t undefeated. They aren’t scoring 2,000 runs a game. PANIC BUTTON. PANIC BUTTON.

LA Angels 7 NY Mets 3

Howie Kendrick: kind of a tool

Angel Kendrick lost a handle on his bat in the 7th…and it flew into the stands. A fan grabbed it, but Howie asked for it back. Security obliged him. But come on bro. You’re a multi-millionaire. Can’t a brother get a souvenir?

Baltimore 7 Washington 4

Chris Jakubauskus

His last name reminds me of a certain South Park character. The 32-year-old Oriole pitched all right (3 runs but 6 ks and the win), and got two hits. And Buck Showalter used him as a pinch runner on Friday.

Atlanta 4 Texas 2

Rangers Fielding: Making the Dallas Cowboy defense look good

Texas saw two errors from Yorvit Torrealba in the third inning…putting the Rangers in a 3-0 hole and giving them 57 errors…tied for the Majors lead with the Oakland A’s. And to give the Rangers some more credit for their glorious glove work…the A’s are only up there because of this play.

Minnesota 5 San Diego 4

The Twins are en fuego

Things are finally looking up for 4th place Minnesota. They’ve won seven in a row, including nine of ten. Joe Mauer returned to the lineup this weekend. Other bash brother 1B Justin Morneau is getting a cast removed from his wrist later this week. And closer Joe Nathan could return to the team this week too. And when you’re in a craptastic division like the AL Central…a little push can win you the whole damn thing.

Tampa Bay 2 Florida 1

The Marlins are a steaming pile of sh*t

10 losses in a row. 1-18 this month. Manager Edwin Rodriguez resigned before the game. And some 80 year old [World Series winning] geezer Jack McKeon the new savior at manager. How is this not the worst team in the Majors?

LA Dodgers 1 Houston 0

Oh…The Astros are still worse

27-46. The Marlins still have some soiling to do.

St. Louis 5 Kansas City 4

Pujols breaks arms (out 4-6 weeks)

Talk about a crappy contract year. A slow start. Batting under .300 for the first time ever. And now this. But who cares about The Machine. You’ve got to feel for fantasy owners out there. Must have sucked to take him first overall huh.

Detroit 9 Colorado 1

Verlander: 4 hit complete games “aren’t great”

Complete game. 4 hits. 0 walks. 5 Ks. 1 Run. League leading 9th win of the season. Guess nothing’s good enough for this guy. You’re just so much better than us…huh bro.

Oakland 2 San Francisco 1

What the hell is Oakland?

They lost 13 of 14 from late May thru mid-June. Now they’ve won five straight, including a sweep of the defending world champs. And in an AL West eerily reminiscent of the NL West, they’re only five games out. Might have something to do with the 4th best team ERA in baseball: 3.27.

Seattle 2 Philadelphia 0

Random Stat of the Day

The Phillies are 15-6 against lefty starters this season. That’s best in the majors, despite hitting only .237 against southpaw pitchers. Even more surprising when you consider that a lot of the Phillies’ pop comes from the left side of the plate (Howard, Ibanez, Utley).

ChiSox 8 Arizona 2
NY Yankees 10 ChiCubs 4

Cubs-White Sox start series today

And seeing as both teams suck…with the Cubs sucking a little more (as is tradition)…no one cares.

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