May 27, 2011

Literally Impossible to NOT hate the Heat

What the Heat have done this post-season is pretty impressive. Even I have to admit it. Remember when just about everyone thought they couldn't come back or win a game? No more. In the last two series against Eastern big boys Boston and Chicago, they've kind of kicked ass. Taken each series in 5. Coming back from certain defeat in seemingly every game. And after last night's comeback they'll be playing for the first (of likely many) NBA titles. So given their recent success I guess I can excuse their recent Hollywood flair.

But just when I was about to give Miami a little respect...I saw the jackass appreciation parade above. Holy crap. Finals haven't even started yet bros. Just because your team celebrates like they're getting married every time they tie their shoes doesn't mean you can get Jersey Shore Schwasted on us 4 days before the big dance even starts.

I could go on a rant about how Miami has the worst sports fans in the United States. (They do). But that would be unfair to the 10 people (I see you Dana) who actually rooted for the Heat before this week season. And it'd also be unfair to the bazillion idiots who have never set foot in Miami...yet still root for los Heat.

So what will I do? I'm gonna play it cool, not say anything, and pray for a miracle Dallas win. If that happens? Check the site for a SPECIAL SURPRISE RANT!

But when that doesn't happen...and I have to see the above again? I'll be double fisting Colt 45.

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