May 25, 2011

Am I supposed to respect Lebron now?

Well this sucks.

The last chance for an NBA Finals without the Heat may have evaporated last night when the Bulls blew a golden opportunity to even up the series. Miami is now up 3-1 on Chicago, the one seed in the East, with all signs pointing to a 2006 Finals rematch. But even worse? Lebron James continues to kick ass, making it tougher and tougher for me, Skip Bayless (who should be respected above all for hating Lebron since day 1), and probably rip on the guy.

I didn't always dislike Lebron. But quitting on Cleveland in the Boston series last year changed things. As did his hour long "Decision" special, where he wasted an hour of everyone's time to wrap things up by shitting all over his hometown. And teaming up with two of the leagues best players, then holding championship celebrations left and right certainly didn't help my opinion.

As one of the charter members of the Player Haters Ball (clearly I'm Mr. Roboto), I've been referring to James in a variety of ways over the past year:

A. Whiner (Although everyone else in the NBA is just as bad)
B. Quitter
c. Sidekick
D. Fraud
E. Loser (didn't even win it all in HS)
F. Narcissist
G. Also, a Narcissist
H. Clueless (Charity's cool, but donate money to a town where every kid isn't a billionaire bro)
I. Clueless
J. Still Clueless (They will always hate you)

And sometimes, when off the airwaves...

K. This
L. This
M. and That

Sadly, it appears those days of me being a hater/d-bag are over. Not because I'll stop disliking the guy. But because you have to respect greatness. Do I like Derek Jeter? Peyton Manning? Or Kobe Bryant? Hell no. But I respect the hell out of all of them. And even though LBJ has acted like a total tool over the past year, you can't deny what he's done this post-season.

The stats? Absurd, whether scoring (he's had 30+ in 4 of his last 8 games), distributing (averaging nearly 7 a game this postseason), snagging boards (7 a game), or swatting (2 per game) And he's put the Bulls on the brink.

Maybe Chicago can come back. Only eight teams have done it all time, but the Bulls do have home court and play great defense. Unfortunately, their offensive strategy of "Give D-Rose the Ball and watch" looks like it was planned by one of the geniuses on Teen Mom (Who the hell names their kid Jace?). So when Miami ices this series in game 5, don't be surprised. And don't be surprised if this is the start of a multiple title run for the Heat. Excuse me while I vomit.

So what should I do?
Should I admit I made mistakes? Or should I just continue to be the hater d-bag you all know and love? Vote below bitches.

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