April 28, 2011

"NFL teams should listen to me" Mock Draft: Part 3

I did part 1. Then dominated part 2. Here's how the rest of the first round should pan out, assuming teams are not completely stupid. Unfortunately, that's impossible.


22.) Indianapolis Colts - OT - Nate Solder - Colorado

Pretty ironic that Colts President/NFL rule bender Bill Polian didn't draft a offensive lineman after calling out the O-Line following Super Bowl 44. Poor Indy hogmales. They can't get any love. But still, the Colts need someone to stand in there to stop an aging Peyton Manning from breaking his hip, and take the blame for every Colt loss ever. Solder could be that guy. Athletic, quick, and can play left or right.

23.) Philadelphia Eagles - CB - Jimmy Smith - Colorado

The Eagles have some sorry corners. And yes that includes "Primetime" wannabe/Super Bowl Loser Asante Samuel. The depth chart says that Dimitri freaking Pattinson is the second corner. Come on man. Pathetic. You need another corner, and Smith, despite his Jamarcus Russell-esque love of codeine (yup) is the way to go.

24.) New Orleans Saints - DE - Da'Quon Bowers - Clemson

Injury concerns (knees) have hurt Bowers stock. A lot. Once the potential first overall pick, Bowers may fall all the way to New Orleans (or...gasp...further!). The Saints need some help on their D-Line, but don't need him to immediately contribute with Will Smith and Alex Brown off the edge. This guy has a TON of potential and if he stays healthy will be well worth the pick.

25.) Seattle Seahawks - DT - Corey Liuget - Illinois

The 'Hawks need a DT to replace free agent Brandon Mebane. Liuget is their guy. Top 15 talent.

26.) Baltimore Ravens - CB - Brandon Harris - Miami

This might be a bit of a reach. But the Ravens have absolutely horrible cornerbacks. Josh Wilson? Chris Carr? Ladarius Webb? Fabian Washington? Jeez...makes Philly sound good. Harris is the next best corner available. And he should fit right into the Ravens D, with tutelage from fellow 'Canes Ray Lewis and Ed Reed.

27.) Atlanta Falcons - WR - Titus Young - Boise State

The Dirty Birds need another pass rusher on the other side of John Abraham. But at this point, everyone will be gone. Unless they trade up, the ATL should get some fellow route runners to take pressure and shift coverage off of Roddy White and Tony Gonzalez. Titus, a speed demon, is a great fit. Reminds me of a poor mans DeSean Jackson. We saw Jackson fall all the way to late in the 2nd round (49th overall) back in 2008. We all saw what he's done the past two years. Young could be that good.

28.) New England Patriots - DE/DT - Muhammad Wilkerson - Temple

Athletic. Versatile (play tackle or end). Can stop the run and rush the pass. And is under the radar. Sounds like a classic Patriot DE to me.

29.) Chicago Bears - DT - Marvin Austin - North Carolina

This guy would probably be a top 15 prospect if he wasn't kicked off the team (similar to the season long suspension for Robert Quinn). But he had a monster East-West shrine game and did well in workouts. The Bears need a playmaker in the middle of their D-Line after they cut Tommie Harris. A guy with Austins talent falling into their hands would be great for Daaaa Bears.

30.) New York Jets - DT - Phil Taylor - Baylor

With Kris Jenkins gone, the J-E-T-S need a fat dude to plug up the middle of their 3-4 scheme. Ain't no one fatter than Taylor. Dude is 6'3 334. You don't even need to have skill with that size to clog the middle of a defense. Great pick for Jersey B.

31.) Pittsburgh Steelers - OL - Mike Pouncey - Florida

What's better than having one Pouncey? Both the Pounceys. Maurkice made the Pro Bowl as a rookie. Mike is his identical twin. How can you miss? The odds of Pouncey being around this late are slim to none, but I have a feeling the turrible Towels will trade up. Pittsburgh's O-Line is still a little patchy, and adding Pouncey would give the Steelers the depth they were missing in Super Bowl 45.

32.) Green Bay Packers - OT - Derek Sherod - Mississippi State

The Packers offensive line struggled most of last year. That despite winning the Super Bowl. Part of that had to do with Aaron Rodgers rolling around outside the pocket and getting sacked frequently. But another part had to do with horrible run blocking. Check this article out for a total breakdown of their woes during the season. It might be crazy to draft an O-Lineman two years in a row, but a guy like Sherod, who pass protect and run block would be a great addition.

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