April 28, 2011

"NFL teams should listen to me" Mock Draft: Part 2

I did the top 10.
Now check out what picks 11-21 should do. Unless they want to fail colossally for the next 20 years.

11.) Houston Texans - DE - Cameron Jordan - California

Houston might have the worst secondary of all time. But with Wade Phillips in town as the new defensive coordinator, the Texans will employ a 3-4 scheme. And unfortunately, they don't have the pieces in place to make this defense work. If you can't cover against Peyton Manning, then you've got to be able to rush him and force throws. Enter Cameron Jordan. Jordan actually played in a 3-4 system at California. He can get to the passer and stop the run, something missing from the majority of the one trick pony edge rushers who play DE in college.

12.) Minnesota Vikings - DE - Brooks Reed - Arizona

Minnesota DESPERATELY needs a QB. But drafting a guy like Ryan Mallett would be a MASSIVE mistake. Think Matt Jones. Except Matt Jones not as a pro WR, but as a pro QB and leader of the team. Mallett has talent, but he's an idiot. The Vikes can get another QB (Andy Dalton or Christian Ponder anyone?) next round. Next area of need? A DE. Ray Edwards is probably gone through free agency, and the Vikings had a lot of problems last year getting to the QB. Brooks Reed was a pass rushing machine in college, and had the fastest 10 yard split of every defensive end at the NFL combine. He'd be a great complement to the Minnesota wall of Jared Allen, Pat Williams, and Kevin Williams.

13.) Detroit Lions - CB - Prince Amukamara - Nebraska

The Lions made dramatic improvements last year. However, in the only full game I saw them play (Thanksgiving) they were totally dismembered by Tom Brady and company. Sure its hard to stop the Pats passing game, but 35 second half points, and giving Alphonso Smith playing time is completely inexcusable. Especially when you're in a division with Aaron Rodgers. Prince is the second best corner available. He played very well in the Big 12, a conference known for airing the ball out. Take him.

14.) St. Louis Rams - DT - Nick Fairley - Auburn

Pretty amazing to think that Fairley could fall from the number 1 pick to 14 in just a couple months. But questions about his work ethic have hurt his draft stock. Don't be surprised if he falls this far. If he does, St. Louis will snatch him in a heartbeat. Head coach Steve Spagnuolo would kill to have a defensive tackle who can get to the QB like he had in New York with Justin Tuck. Fairley, despite his potential transformation into another Albert Haynesworth, is too good to pass up.

15.) Miami Dolphins - RB - Mark Ingram - Alabama

Ronnie Brown is a free agent. Ricky Williams is a free agent. Odds are only one of those two returns to the Phish. Miami may be inept at QB, but Ryan Mallett is the worst possible option for every team ever. You may as well stick with Sparanos "lets run every play/actually still use the wildcat" philosophy and draft Mark Ingram. He's not flashy, but is a workhorse, and reminds many (including me) of Emmitt Smith with his great footwork and vision. 4 yards and a cloud of dust every play every day.

16.) Jacksonville Jaguars - DE - Ryan Kerrigan - Purdue

Jacksonville simply can't get to the QB. Derrick Harvey was a big time bust. Aaron Kampman is coming off his second torn ACL in two years. Kerrigan was a three year starter and played with a non stop motor. He's not particularly fast, big, or strong, but the intangibles will win Jacksonville over.  Sounds good when you need a player to beat up Peyton Manning on a regular basis.

17.) New England Patriots - OT - Gabe Carimi - Wisconsin

Everyone thinks that the Patriots need to draft a pass rushing outside linebacker for the 3-4. I say BS. The majority of DE/OLB hybrids in the NFL draft are one trick ponies who can only run straight up field to get to the QB (a la Shawne Merriman). New England wants someone who can both rush the passer, stop the run, AND cover the flats (a la Mike Vrabel and Willie McGinnest). That's something rare to find. Which is why I wholeheartedly believe they will trade up into the top 10 to take Robert Quinn or Cameron Jordan. But if they do stand pat (and everyone picks their guys), don't be surprised if the Pats go in another direction: drafting an O-Lineman. Gabe Carimi is a highly versatile lineman (coming from arguably the best lineman factory in college), who can play on the interior or outside. While he wouldn't be a great blindside tackle, he would be a great fit to replace Matt Light at tackle or Logan Mankins at guard if they depart in free agency. Should that happen, Sebastian Vollmer would shift over to left tackle.

18.) San Diego Chargers - DT/DE - Cameron Heyward - Ohio State

The Superchargers need a big old DE in their 3-4 system. He's big at 6'5 288, and isn't a great pass rusher. But he knows how to take on two blockers and clog space, something you need out of a DE in the 3-4. TAKE THIS MAN.

19.) New York Giants - OT - Anthony Costanzo - Boston College

The Giants might consider taking Ingram. But A, he's gone, and B, they have two aging (30+) tackles (Rich Seubert/Kareem McKenzie), and William Beatty simply hasn't been good. Boston College has been right up there with Wisconsin in terms of producing great offensive linemen over the past few years. And coach Tom Coughlin, a former BC coach, knows this better than just about everyone. Costanzo makes too much sense.

20.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - DE - Adrian Clayborn - Iowa

The Bucs need a DE, preferably Robert Quinn, J.J. Watt, Cameron Jordan or Ryan Kerrigan. Odds are they will trade up to get one of these guys. But if they can't get him, they should take Clayborn. He's coming off a rough season, but he did have 11.5 sacks his junior season.

21.) Kansas City Chiefs - OLB - Akeem Ayers - UCLA

Kansas City needs the exact as the Patriots. After all, just about everyone who has ever been a part of New England runs/coaches/plays/ for the Junior Pats. Ayers fits the mold. He can cover the flats, stop the run, and get to the QB. He'd be a great selection.

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