April 27, 2011

"NFL teams should listen to me" Mock Draft: Part 1

The NFL Draft is only a few days away. You know what that means...It's time for me to waste all of my time making mock drafts that hopefully will be 10% accurate!

This is part one of three. Keep in mind this is what I think these teams should do. Meaning I'm 100% right, and they must do this or suffer the wrath of Zombie Al Davis.

1.) Carolina Panthers - DT: Marcell Dareus, Alabama

My gut tells me Carolina will take Cam Newton. But taking a non-pro style QB with a huge ego (btw Jimmy Clausen is already there), character issues (stealing laptops, getting kicked out of Florida) on a team that's a colossal trainwreck would be failure waiting to happen. If you take Dareus, you have an anchor on the D-Line that you can build your defense around. NEXT.

2.) Denver Broncos - OLB: Von Miller, Texas A&M

They aren't as bad as the Carolina Cats. But Josh McDaniels didn't flush the toilet when he dropped a deuce on this franchise. The Broncos need help at just about every position, specifically another edge rusher. You can't be sure if Elvis Dumervil will recover completely from the chest injury that caused him to miss all last year. Von Miller could be a great pass rushing DE in the new Denver 4-3.

3.) Buffalo Bills - OLB: Robert Quinn, North Carolina

Quinn would be rated ahead of Miller if he hadn't been suspended for the entire 2010 season. That's a fact. Character issues could be considered a problem, seeing as he was suspended for "lying about receiving improper benefits". This kid is a monster of a pass rusher. He's better suited to be a 4-3 defensive end, but I think his speed, size, and unfortunate ineffectiveness against the run would make him an ideal 3-4 edge rusher.

4.) Cincinnati Bengals - QB: Cam Newton, Auburn

As said before, he's got a huge ego, character issues, and could be a major bust (but also a huge hit). Classic Bengal. Hell this guy might be the Cincy pick in the upcoming stereotypical NFL draft. Seriously though, Carson Palmer is threatening to retire. They desperately need a QB. And who really wants to draft Blaine Gabbert? Newton is your best bet.

5.) Arizona Cardinals - QB: Jake Locker, Washington

I find it EXTREMELY unlikely that Locker will be taken in the first 10. But I 100% believe that he will be the best QB out of this class. Like Newton, he is huge, athletic, has a cannon for an arm, and is a serious threat on the ground. Unlike Newton, he has actually played in a pro style offense and had a Carolina Panther-esque supporting cast. And he would have been a top 5 prospect if he had declared for the draft LAST season. It would probably be better for Locker to go somewhere where a veteran could show him the ropes for a few years. But he's better than Blaine freaking Gabbert. Way better. Take him 'Zona.

6.) Cleveland Browns - WR: A.J. Green, Georgia

Cleveland may have the most boring offense in the NFL. Other than Carolina. But that's not fair because the Panthers are worse than most CFL teams. Their best players are a kick returner (Josh Cribbs) and poor man's Mike Alstott (Peyton Hillis). One of 2,000,000 reasons I love that I'm not from Cleveland. Anyway the Brownies need some wide outs. Because they're starting freaking Brian Robiskie and Mohammed Massaquoi. A.J. Green is an absolute play maker. He's tall (6'4), athletic, and makes spectacular catches left and right. Basically (should he pan out) he's the second coming of Calvin Johnson.

7.) San Francisco 49ers - CB: Patrick Peterson, LSU

The 'Niners desperately need a corner. Patrick Peterson is the best player in the draft. DUH. Peterson is fast as hell, and is built like a brick house at 6'0 220. He is the only can't miss prospect in this draft. I can't imagine very many WR being able to get out of bump n' run coverage against him. He can pancake you at the line of scrimmage, and if you somehow beat him he can still catch him down field.

8.) Tennessee Titans - QB: Blaine Gabbert, Missouri

I really have no idea how the hell this guy went from a complete unknown to the 1st or 2nd rated QB prospect. But Newton's gone. Locker went bye bye. And Ryan Mallett is definitely the second coming of Matt Jones. Seeing as Vince Young is legitimately crazy and on his way out of the Tennessee, you've got to go with Gabbert. Unless you want the 38 year old "Cocktail" Collins taking snaps.

9.) Dallas Cowboys - OT: Tyron Smith, USC

The 1-4 start probably got him riled up. But I imagine nothing pissed Jerry Jones off more than seeing his [overrated] QB Tony Romo get his collarbone crumpled in late October, effectively ending Boy nation's season. JJ needs to have his QB protected, and JJ gets what he wants. That's why I think Dallas should do something they haven't done in over 20 years (1989), draft an offensive lineman in the first. Tyron is by far the best tackle in the draft, and even though he played right tackle in college, his athleticism and size would make him a great tackle.

10.) Washington Redskins - WR: Julio Jones, Alabama

Washington is another trainwreck franchise, thanks to the whole overpaying everyone (Haynesworth)/not knowing who will start at QB (Grossman v McNabb? Really?)/having an insecure owner thing. Want to hear another problem? Their starting wide outs are Anthony Armstrong and Santana Moss (who is a also free agent). Yikes. That's why the Skins should take Jones. Kid is good. He reminds me of a young Terrell Owens (minus the whole being a complete dick thing). He's big, fast, can break tackles and elude defenders, but has a tendency for the dropsies. Whatever. Anthony freaking Armstrong (19 YPC last year wasn't bad though). Come on man.

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